Water Analysis

Water Sampling Techniques

Good water sampling techniques are crucial in order to obtain accurate test results.  Here are a few water sampling techniques to help you obtain that quality water sample.

  • Let your water source run for at least five minutes
  • For elemental analysis: open sample container and rinse three times, then fill bottle
  • For bacterial analysis: Open bottle and fill.  Do not rinse
  • Water samples must be submitted to the laboratory Monday through Thursday.  Samples should be submitted as soon as possible after sampling as some elements have short holding times
  • Sample containers are available at Soiltest

Soiltest Quality

Soiltest is committed to providing accurate and precise results for all of our environmental analyses.  To assure this we maintain a strict daily QA/QC program.  Soiltest is certified for drinking water and waste water analyses by the Washington State Department of Ecology (click here for a list of analytes).  We are certified to do Animal Waste Nutrient Analysis by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  We also participate in the North American Proficiency Testing Program for soil and plant analysis.

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