Soil Testing and Sampling

Soil Fertility

Maintaining good soil fertility is crucial for growing quality crops.  Soiltest is committed to assist you to know how to best manage the fertility of your field.  Please consider the following to maintain the fertility levels of your field.

Soil Sampling

Good soil sampling techniques are crucial when evaluating soil fertility levels.  Here are a few soil sampling techniques to follow to obtain the meaningful soil test you are looking for.

  • Use clean sampling tools
  • Sample each representative areas to at least 12 inches.  Take a minimum of 10 individual core samples for a small field, then add one core for each 5 acres of field size
  • Mix multiple samples thoroughly in a sample bucket. Place soil in a sample bag (provided by Soiltest)
  • Label the bag and complete the "Soil Test Request" form 
  • For more specific guidelines click here
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