Soiltest is committed to providing accurate and precise results in our animal waste analysis.  To ensure this quality we maintain a strict daily quality assurance/quality control program.  Soiltest also participates in an animal waste certification program.  This program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and is the benchmark we use to ensure that you recieve accurate and precise data to be used in your nutrient management plan. 


Animal waste and fertilizer nutrient content is variable.  The nutrient content can vary depending on the type of feed and bedding used for the animals.  It can also vary depending on the type of collection and storage the producer uses.  Because of this variability, obtaining a representative sample becomes very important.


Sampling Liquids


  - Agitate if possible for 2-4 hours 

  - If you cannot agitate, take at least 20 sub samples from all depths of the lagoon to make a composite sample


Sampling Solids

    - At least 20 sub samples from all depths need to be taken from the stack or pile and composite


All samples must be kept cool or frozen until the laboratory receives them

Soiltest provides chemical fertilizer analysis to verify blends and solutions, and for registration filing of fertilizer material with WSDA.

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