Irrigation Management

Water management is core to the management of crop nutrition.  Soluble nutrients like nitrate and sulfate cannot be managed properly without also managing water applications.  Soiltest's core Irrigation Management Program incorporates ET information from weather data, rain gauge catch data, crop growth stage and soil moisture information.  Typically, this information is collected to generate a weekly plan which includes hours of operation and number passes/sets to make.  Soiltest can also provide cutting edge technology for irrigation management with the use of ECH2O dielectric moisture probes.  This system provides real-time soil moisture and rain gauge information with which to manage your irrigation schedule.

ECH2O Probe

Soiltest is the Washington representative for Decagon ECH2O Products.  We have found this equipment essential for unattended, continuous monitoring of both commercial production and land application fields.  This line of inovative environmental monitoring equipment includes:echo spuds3

  • Capacitance soil moisture measurement probes
  • Data loggers with real-time telemetry capabilities deliverable via the internet
  • Automatic rain gauges
  • Temperature probes
  • Drain Gauge lysimeters
  • Leaf wetness, and more

Contact us for more information.  You can also check out the ECH2O Website

Weekly Reporting

We will visit your field weekly to measure soil moisture and give insightful reports based upon the data gathered each week.  The report includes recommended irrigation, soil moisture, water consumption and water application.  We offer soil and plant fertility monitoring on a weekly basis as well.

Ground Water Management Area and Grant Co. PUD Programs 

Supplemental money is available for irrigation water management.  Grant county PUD has funds available through conservation programs to assist PUD customers to use irrigation power efficiently.  Cost sharing funds are also available for irrigation water management from the NRCS-EQIP program and from GWMA.  For more information contact:

  • Soiltest - 509-765-1622
  • Adams CD - (509) 659-1553
  • Franklin CD - (509) 545-8546, ext 3
  • Othello CD - (509) 488-2802, ext 5
  • Upper Grant CD - (509) 754-0195, ext 202

Contact us regarding continuous soil moisture monitoring capabilties.

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